Snack's 1967


327 Not long ago, I was told a little story about a—a fisherman. A fellow come out and hired an old fisherman to take him fishing out on the West Coast. They went out that morning.

328 If any of you have fished out there for the salmon, why, you know what takes place, it gets awful foggy out there. I see my little brother, Eddie Byskal, down there, a missionary to the Indians out there. And we fished, ourselves, out on those coasts.

329 So this fisherman was kind of a greenhorn, you know. He went fishing, and they drifted out. Waiting for daylight to come, you know. And they—and they couldn't hear the foghorn no more, and this fisherman got all excited, said, "Say, we're drifting out to sea! Hey!" Got all excited.

330  He said, "Sit down, son. Sit down." The old fisherman, quiet, you know. He knowed what he was talking about. Said, "Just wait until the sun comes up, then we can see where we're at."

You say, "Must I be Methodist? Baptist? Pentecostal?"

331 Just wait. The Son comes up, we'll see where we're at. He is the Word. Wait till you see the Word manifested, shining across the Seed, the wave Sheaf, we'll see where we're at. Do you love Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.]

    65-0418M - It Is The Rising Of The Sun
    Rev. William Marrion Branham