156 Just reminds me of a fellow in Florida, not long ago. He was talking, said he had a Chevrolet car that went out on him in Florida, and said he took it to the garage. And this mechanic was going along there, and he got everything set together, and he couldn't get it to start. He put everything in it, that he could. He renewed all these different things, but, something another, it just wouldn't work. And he couldn't get it started. He just kept trying and trying. The little mechanic was nervous, run around, all over the building, picking up this.

157 And the man standing, say, "I'm waiting on my car, sir. I'm late. Can't you get it?"

158 He said, "I'm doing all I can do," real nervous and carrying on. And he walked along.

159 Directly a well-dressed gentleman walked up and looked at him a few moments, and he said to the mechanic, after he let him butt his head around a little while, he said, "Why don't you just touch this? You're not getting any current."

160 So he said, "I never thought of that." So he just turned that other little thing, ever what it was there, and he got the—the current in, the car started.

161  He turned around and said, "Who are you?" You know who he was? The chief engineer of the—of the General Motor. He made the thing. He designed it.

162 In this hour, brother, when we wonder what's the matter with our revival, what's the matter? We got the material and everything, we got the mechanics, but where is the Dynamics? That's what we need, to move Jesus Christ in on the scene. What's the matter? I tell you, there is One here today, hallelujah, called the Holy Ghost, that can touch the Dynamics. He is the Dynamics of the mechanics.

163 We stand today, us Pentecostals, one of the greatest churches in the nation, thousands times thousands added each year, but where is that Holy Ghost? We've accept it, by speaking in tongues, and we seen how it's acted. Methodist accept it, by shouting. Luther accept it, by faith, and so forth like that. That isn't It.

164  It's the Word! It's the Word turned on, the Light turns on the mechanics and they become Dynamics. They are Dynamics, when the Dynamics, when the Dynamic comes to the mechanic. It starts the thing rolling. That's right. Take the Word. If there is one little thing missed up, on It, it won't start. Lay aside every weight, every ism, every creed, that the Dynamics, the Holy Spirit, might flow through the Word and vindicate the Word that's promised of this day; then the great Church of God will rise to her feet like a jet propelled plane, take off to the skies to meet her Master. That's exactly right. Until we do that, it won't work. That's what about. Yes, sir. Who will do it? Who will keep it in this day that we're thinking about? Remember, remember, brother.

165 Now it reminds me of another little story. Not going back to stories, but a friend of mine was standing in Carlsbad, New Mexico, when we was there holding a meeting up at Carlsbad. And there was a bunch of people went down into this cave.

166 Oh, I—I never did like that stuff, down there where it's deep, and about a mile in the ground. I, I'm satisfied up here. So, they went down through. I want to go higher, not lower. So I…

167 They took this fellow, went down in there. And he was a man friend, and his little girl and little boy went down with them. And—and went way down into a big basement, oh, I guess, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth, went down there. And the man there by the switch, all at once [Brother Branham snaps his finger—Ed.] turned off the switch. And it was so black and dark, till you couldn't even see your hand moving down in front of your face. A little girl, a little thing, was real scared. She begin to scream to the top of her voice, "Oh, it's dark! It's dark! It's dark," hysterically screaming.

168 Her little brother happened to be standing. He screamed out in the darkness, he said, "Fear not, little sister, there is a man here who can turn on the light."

169  Hallelujah! What's the little Church going to do? Don't worry. There is a Man here today that can turn on the Light, that's the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, yeah. The Lord Jesus Christ!

    64-0125 - Turn On The Light
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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