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32  Sometimes… This is the first tent we ever had. In a big auditorium used to have a room for the maniacs. I'll tell you a little story…?…

I walked into a room not long ago, there's about fifteen insane cases laying there, crying, beating their heads and screaming and everything…?… go in there. And as we shut the door, I looked, and there set a fine looking young lady setting there. Looked like it'd be an idol for any man.

I said, "Howdy do?"

And she said, "Howdy do Brother Branham?"

I looked down. I said, "Which, where's your patient?"

She said, "I'm a patient."

"A patient?" I looked at her. I couldn't detect anything just right, so I thought I'd set down and talked to her.

She said, "Are you kind of startled?"

I said, "Yes, ma'am, to be with these people here."

She said, "Well, Brother Branham, I want to give you my story."

I said, "All right."

33  She—she begin to talk. She said, "When I was a little child, I was reared in a catholic home." She said, Said, "But I got out with a bunch of girls one time and smoked. They got me to smoking, and they got me drinking. Went out with a bunch of boys. I become a perpetual drunk, a habitual drunk." And said, "When I begin to drink, smoke, and I begin to be a prostitute on the street," selling the morals of her life. And she said, "They taken me up and put me in the Good Shepherd's Home." And said, "When I heard the sermon in there…" And said, "Of course, while I was in there I had to do right." Said, "When I got out, I went right straight back to it again."

And said, "Then the law picked me up and give me a two years in a woman's prison." And said, "Then I come out again." And said, "They advised me to… Some people said I ought to go to church, a different church, the Protestant people: and told me to come to this Protestant church." And—and said, "I did. And I went and joined the Protestant church." And she called the name of the church. And she said, "I'd go right back out and have the same desires that I ever had." And she said, "I've tried. I've prayed. I've cried, Brother Branham." She said, "I've done everything that I know how, and tried everything that anybody ever told me." But she said, "I just can't keep from doing it."

34  I said, "Look, sister," and I begin to feel what was wrong. I said, "You don't want to do that. As—as pretty a woman as you are, you expect someday to be married and have a husband and babies like all real women do."

She said, "Yes, sir."

I said, "You couldn't be like that. You know you'd be miserable to yourself, a disgrace to your children, and, oh, I… What all you would be."

And she said, "That's right."

I said, "You don't want to do that, do you, sister?"

She said, "No, sir."

I said, "There's something that makes you do that, isn't there?"

She said, "Yes, sir."

And I said, "Oh, as old fashion as it may seem, it's the devil on you, sister." I said, "Now, your doctor might not want to believe that, and so forth. But it's a devil that makes you… It forces you to do that against your will."

She said, "That is right." She said, "I always thought that was right."

35  I said, "Now, look, if you will believe in the Lord, and will pray, God…"

She said, "I've done that, brother."

I said, "I'm not talking about what you have done. I mean now. And you just do as I tell you to do, and you'll be free from that."

She said, "Well, can you free me?"

I said, "No, ma'am. Only Jesus Christ can free you."

She said, "Well, I've already come to Him to give my life…"

I said, "Sister, just a moment. Will you… You just do as I tell you. Will you?" She said… I said, "Let us pray now."

And we got down and prayed. And she was crying. And she raised up a few minutes. She said, "But, Brother Branham, I'm—I—I—I'm going to go out tonight." And she said, "I—I'm going to try my best."

I said, "No. You'll go right straight back again." (See?) I said, "It's not over."

She said, "But I have con… I've done all that I knowed how to do."

I said, "But it's not yet, sister. It's got to be something to pull that nature from you and change you."

And she said—she said, "Well, I prayed. I've cried." She begin to cry and started out.

36  So I got down to praying with her, asked God to make that demon turn her loose. And while I did that, and laid hands upon her, laid quiet there with her head down like this for a few moments. Directly she turned around, and she looked at me, and great big velvet eyes. She said, "Brother Branham, it's something's happened to me."

I said, "Now, it's over." That's right. "Now, it's over."

She said, "I just feel… Well, I don't know."

I said, "There isn't enough devils in the world could upset you right now, if you'll just go on like you're going now." That's been a little over a year ago. The woman is married tonight with a lovely home, never drink from that time, or had no desire to drink, or to smoke or anything. What was it? There was no medicine she took. But by the supernatural divine power of the transformation of her soul through the power of Jesus Christ took her and took away all the desire and iniquity. And if she would die tonight, her soul is quiet as anybody else. That's right.

Well, she comes out in her marriage to live and married to the Lord Jesus, Who redeemed her.

    50-0822 - Faith Without Works Is Dead
    Rev. William Marrion Branham