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Here sometime ago, over in Africa, I was talking to a—to an old saint. He said, "Brother Branham, I know you believe in the supernatural."

I said, "Certainly, my brother."

He said, "Years ago I used to think I was somebody." Said, "I thought I was really a Christian." And he said, "Then up in our church… I had to climb a hill, where I stopped my little car." And said, "I had to climb a hill about, oh, three or four hundred yards, and get around of bushes and things, getting up." And said, "We'd have prayer meeting up there." And said, "I thought I was really a Christian." He said, "I knowed all the Bible. I studied all the Hebrew. I studied all the right pronunciations of the word." And said, "Anybody walked up to me, I could [Brother Branham snaps his finger—Ed.] talk to them like that about the Bible. I knowed what I was talking about." He said, "One night I was going up to church. There'd been a lot of conflict in our church." Said, "There was little parties against one another. You know how they raise up."

Said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "On my road up the hill, I was walking, and all at once I become conscious that somebody was following me." And he said, "I thought I'd wait just a little bit for ever who it was to catch up, and I'd talk to them a little while as we went up the road." You know, that's kind of a good thing; you just wait a little while. And said, "As I walked up the hill," said, "I come up. A Man come up the hill," and said, "He had a bundle on His back that was way bigger than the Man." And said, "He was just a panting, and a blowing, and making just little short steps, trying to get up. And I said, 'Fellow, can I help You pack this load up the hill?' He said, 'No, I got to pack it.'" Said, "I looked at His hand," said, "I knew then it was a vision. He had scars in His hand." Said, "I fell down, and I said, 'Lord, are You packing the sins of the world in that sack?' He said, 'No, I'm just packing yours, just getting you up the hill, just so you can get up.'"

That's the way it is. If we'd just look around, we'd find out He's packing ours. Doesn't it make you feel little?

    56-0805 - The Church And Its Condition
    Rev. William Marrion Branham