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17  Some time ago there was an old fisherman down on the river where I live. And a little boy used to go fishing with him. This little boy was a Christian boy, and he went to Sunday school. So one day he asked his mama; he said, "Mama, is there any way that we could ever see God?"

"Why," she said, "honey, I don't know. Ask your Sunday school teacher."

So he went and asked the Sunday school teacher, and she said, "I don't know. Ask the pastor."

And the pastor said, "No, you can never see God. No man can see God." It discouraged the little boy.

18  So one day, upon the river near the Six Mile Island, he was up with the old fisherman. There come up a storm, and as the old fisherman was coming back down the river with the white, gray beard hanging over his bosom, the little boy setting in the stern of the boat… And as the rhythm of the oars on the water, as he pulled the boat, there's was a rainbow came out. And oh, this old fisherman started looking to that rainbow as he pulled his oars. And the little fellow noticed that tears were running down his cheeks. And he said…

Excitedly he run up to the… towards the stern of the boat and he said, "Sir, I'm going to ask you a question that my mama, Sunday school teacher, or pastor could not answer me." He said, "If God is so great, why can't we see Him?" Said, "Can any man see God, sir?"

It got the old fisherman; he pulled the oars in his lap and took the little boy in his arms. He said, "God bless your little heart, honey. All I've seen for the past forty years has been God."

You see, you have to have God in here to see God out there. If you haven't got Him in here, you'll never see Him out there, but you've got to have Him.

19  How I love to watch Him in the sunrises and the sunsets. I like to watch Him in His universe. Let's see if He deals and dwells in His universe. How does this world stand here and can be timed for a hundred years when the moon and sun will pass each other? What controls that?

I want to ask you something. I watch wild nature, wild animals. I go way up in the northland on a hunting trip, and while I'm up there, I begin to notice the little ducks that go up into the northland, and they make their nest, up there in the slime, and lay their eggs, and the little ducklings are born. They're raised on that little pond.

And them great big ducks by the time fall of the year comes, and the first time there comes a snow across that mountain, and they freezes, that cold breeze comes down into that pond there's a certain little duck on that pond. He never left there in his life. He was born there. All he knows is that pond, but he will run right out on that pond, stick that little honker up in the air, make three or four honks, and every duck on the pond will come right to him. And he will raise off of that pond, and go just as straight to Louisiana, as he can go without a compass.

20  Brother, if God isn't in His universe… Surely we ought to have as good intelligence as a duck, but you see duck knows his leader, but man doesn't. God gave a duck an instinct to get away from there, and get away from the freeze, and the duck listens to his leader. But God gave man a Leader, the Holy Spirit, and we turn Him down. No wonder we're in trouble all the time.

    57-0323 - God In His Word
    Rev. William Marrion Branham