Here one time, I preached just as hard as I could preach in a certain city, and there was thousands of people there. I made an altar call. I thought I covered the whole realm of sin; I covered everything that I could think of. That night after the service over, a very prissy little woman walked by; she said, "Well, Brother Branham, I'm sure glad that you didn't touch me tonight." I thought, "That must be a real Christian."

Said, "You didn't touch me tonight."

I said, "Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that, lady; you must be close to the Kingdom of God." And she tipped away.

Some elderly lady standing there… I said, "Say, do you know that woman?"


I said, "She must be a real Christian."

Said, "One thing you failed to hit tonight, Brother Branham, that was gossip. She's the chief gossiper in the country." There you are; that's it. See?

68  But when you come to one of those things, no matter whether the preacher hits it in the pulpit or not, when you see those carnal things of the world, as long as you tolerate with them, you're away from God, and the Holy Spirit will stay away. That's the reason the meetings are not like they used to be. That's the reason the sawdust trail isn't born this morning in the Tabernacle. That's the reason the—the great tent meetings are not around the country, is because we have grieved away the gentle Dove of God. That's right. He won't stay with us as long as we're so indifferent, as long as we're backbiting, "We want our way."

    56-0805 - The Church And Its Condition
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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