97  Yeah, he wanted to criticize me. You know, it reminds me of talking about, this morning, God hiding behind skins, skin of man.

98 A little story, and then I'm closing; sorry that I kept you here about forty-five minutes now. There's a home, Christian home, and there was a… I told this to this critic. And in this home there was… They believed in God. They had a little boy there, but he was scared to death in a storm. Lightning, oh, he was just scared to death. He would run under tables, anywhere, when it would lightning.

So one night it come a big storm out on the farm, and where they lived, and the trees was blowing, and lightning flashing, getting late in the night. The mother said to Junior, said, "Now, Junior, you go upstairs and go to bed." Said, "Now, don't be scared. Go on up there."

99 So little Junior, with his pajamas on, went up the steps, looking back, about half crying. He laid down, tried to go to sleep, covered up his head. He couldn't go to sleep; that lightning flashing around the window. So he said, "Oh, mama," said, "come up here and sleep with me."

Well, she said, "Junior, nothing is going to bother you. That lightning can't hurt you."

He said, "But, mama, come up here and sleep with me."

100 So the mother went up the steps and laid across the bed, with her junior. And she said, "Junior, my little son, mother wants to tell you something." She said, "Junior, we are a Christian family. We believe in God, and we believe that God protects us in storms. We believe that. And we believe that God takes care of His own." And said, "I want you to believe that, Junior. That, don't be a scared. God is with us, and He'll protect us."

101  Junior snubbed a few times. He said, "Mama, I believe that, too." He said, "But when that lightning is so close to the window, I like to feel that God has got skin on It."

So I think that a whole lot of us adults think the same thing. God, with skin on It! [—Ed.] God, with skin on It! It might sound like a nut, to the world, but it's drawing all men unto Him.

    64-0614E - The Oddball
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

Teya Salat