Duck hunt

9 This is not just no place for joking. I don't believe in that joshing or joking at… It reminds me of a—a friend of mine. He's gone on to Glory now. But he—he told a little story one time, about a—a couple that had moved into the city and… from the country. And they had a… This young couple had a old father, and he was really on fire for God. So the young lady (that was her father) the… so she had got into some classical people. You know, where you have this all kind of classical entertainments. And so, she was going to have some sort of an entertainment that day in her home.

10  And—and her—her daddy, after he'd have his lunch, why he—he'd get the Bible and go out in the room and he'd read awhile. And he'd lay It down, and he would cry, and shout, and scream, and carry on, and get up and put his glasses on and read again. Then find something, and lay down his glasses and start crying and shouting. She said, "That would interrupt my party so I—I—I got to… I got to do something with Dad, and I don't know what to do." So she decided that she'd let him go upstairs, and get up—up over the—the place.

11 And—and she got to thinking, "Well now, I can't give him his Bible, 'cause he'd do the same thing up there." So she just give him an old Geography, and sent him up there. Said, "Dad, look at the pictures around the world and things while we're having the party." And said, "We won't be too long. We'll—we'll be down… You come down after a while." Said, "I know you don't want to get around where all them women are."

12 He said, "No, that's all right, Honey. I'll—I'll go up there."

13  So he… She fixed him a light and a little place. And she thought, "Well, that—that settles it. Now, he'll just look at the pictures and read a little bit of—of geography, and then… and after a while he'll come down. And it'll be all right."

14 So about time they got in the middle of their drinking their pink lemonade, you know, and having their party… Was after awhile, the house begin to shake, and the old man begin to run up and down the floor a-screaming and a-jumping. And—and she thought, "What happened to him? He didn't have the Bible up there. That… He must've got a hold of a Bible."

15 So she run up the steps, and said, "Daddy!" Said, "That's not the Bible you're reading. That's a Geography."

16 He said, "I know it, Honey. I know it! But" said, "you know, the other day I was reading in the Bible where Jesus said that He put our sins in the Sea of Forgetfulness, see, and wouldn't remember them anymore. And I was reading here to where they say they can't even find the bottom of the sea some places, in the Geography." Said, "Just think, they're still going."

17  That was making him happy. So you can find God wherever you look. See, if you'll just look around, everything will talk for Him.

    64-1227 - Who Do You Say This Is?
    Rev. William Marrion Branham