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WHAT YOU DID TO OTHERS OU DID IT UNTO ME230 Yes, Irenaeus… I beg your pardon, it was Saint Martin. One cold day before Christmas, a poor old beggar was laying in the street, freezing. People that was worthy could pass by, and just looked at the old beggar. "Well, there's nothing to him, he's just a beggar. Let him lay there." And Martin stood and watched and seen if some of them people that could do it would help him, but he didn't do it.

231 Finally, Martin himself wasn't… he—he believed God, but he was a military man. He only had one coat. He said, "If the old man lays like that, he'll freeze to death." So he took his sword and ripped his coat half in two, went over and wrapped the old beggar in it, and said, "Sleep in peace, my brother." Walked on in.

232 And that night in the barracks, after he had shined his boots and laid down, he went to sleep. And a noise woke him up. He looked, standing before him, and there stood Jesus wrapped in that old piece of coat that he had wrapped the beggar in.

233  What can I do in these matters then? What must I do with these things that I know that's right, these things that's been confirmed and proved they're right? What can I do? Wrap the Church, not in a creed or a denomination, but in the Blood of Jesus Christ by His Word. So Jesus said, "What you've done to these, you've done to Me."

    62-1216 - The Falling Apart Of The World
    Rev. William Marrion Branham