69  Now, I want you to notice: the lamb was a silent lamb. The Bible said, "He opened not His mouth. Like a sheep before the shearers, He was dumb." He didn't open His mouth. He wasn't a Fellow that wants his rights. No, sir, He was willing to forfeit His right. He was a silent Lamb.

But today, oh, my, how we want our differences. Oh, my. "I tell you, you just let somebody say something to me; I'll go over and get him, boy; I'll take him apart. I'll tell that old hypocrite when I see her. You just wait till I see her. Bless God, hallelujah. Uh-huh." The Dove just takes His flight and goes on away. That's right. The Holy Spirit's not with you any more, as long as you feel that way. Just mark that down in your book. It'll never do it. The Holy Spirit just won't stay around where that kind of a spirit is. It's got to be a lamb spirit, a gentle spirit, or It just won't stay with it; that's all there is to it. If it ain't a gentle, meek, led by the Holy Spirit… And if anything comes up, It just don't even notice it, just goes on. See? And the very minute that it turns aside, you know, that's the very, the…

71  When you turn aside… You know, the first sin started of a person turning aside just for a minute. Did you know that? The Bible said so. Eve turned aside just a moment to hear what Satan had to say, and he painted a picture so pretty to her till she actually thought it was the Truth. And she listened to him.

And the only thing the devil wants you to do, is just turn aside just for a few minutes. He can paint the picture, say, "Now, look here. You know, brother, you know, sister, if they were the right kind of people, they wouldn't do this. If they just did this right here, you know." He can make it so real to you until it becomes a real truth. That's right. But remember, it's the devil.

I don't care how low-down they are, how far they've stooped in sin; it's your business to put an arm around them and lift them up by the love of God. Where was you when the Dove of God lifted you out of the miry clay? It's your business, my friend. This world is dying for a little bit of love. The…

74  I want you to notice this animal too, this little animal; it was a silent lamb because it didn't… When He was reviled, He reviled not again. He didn't rail and carry on, and fuss and stew, and go on, He didn't do it. When somebody… When He was reviled, He reviled not again. He opened not His mouth.

But you let somebody do something to you or me, oh, my, we blow up like a toad frog eating buckshot, puff out like a—like an old goose. "I'll tell you right now; he stepped on my toes like that again, I'll never go back to that old church again. No, sir. Bless God. Hallelujah. The Nazarenes will receive me, the Pilgrim Holiness, they'll take me. Hallelujah. I don't have to do it no more." All right, the Dove takes Its flight.

76  "You know what? If that old hypocrite goes to that church, I'll never go again. Bless God, I'll never do it." When that thing strikes you, that old snarling wolf, the Dove takes Her flight. That's right. Then the Holy Ghost is gone.

Then you wonder what's the matter with you. You wonder what's the matter with the church. You wonder what's the matter with you. Why ain't you got victory like you used to have? You changed your nature. You become a goat instead of a lamb. You become something else besides a lamb.

You've got to get that real meek Spirit, "Let the Holy Ghost lead me wherever. God, I love every sinner, no matter where they are." That kind of a place get in the human heart, then you're going to see something happen. Your soul.

You say, "Well, Brother Branham, is there any solution for it?" Yes, just become a lamb; that's all.

    56-0805 - The Church And Its Condition
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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