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The little story, I don't know, I've told it so many times. I might have told it to the tabernacle but it comes right into my heart as this time.

Here some time ago down into the Southlands, they used to buy slaves. And they would buy them, and have the brokers to go buy just like they do a used car lot today, selling people, the colored race, for slaves.

And when they did, people would go by the old plantations and they'd see a bunch of slaves, if they look like good workers, he would offer a certain price, buy these slaves, and take them, and sell them for good workers somewhere else and make a profit on the exchange.

49  Now, one day a broker came by, and he saw a bunch of slaves working on a certain plantation, a hundred or more slaves. And they were sad, because they were away from home. Many times they'd whip them because they wouldn't work. They thought they'd never go home again, babies they'd never see, papa and mama they'd never see, their relation they'd never see. And they were very downcast as it's so easily to become, especially when you're oppressed.

That's what the devil likes to work on you and oppress you. You know, that's a trick of the devil to oppress. But when the Christian knows his legal rights (Amen.), when you can quote God's Word, "I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee," that takes all the oppression away. And the clouds begin to clear back. But if you just know that God has promised and God's faithful, He can keep His promise or He'd never promised it.

51  And then this broker come by, and he noticed one of those slaves. Oh, my. He wasn't like the rest of them. You didn't have to whip him. He was right up with his chest stuck out and his chin up. And he was just willing to work or do anything, just real snappy, brilliant fellow.

And the broker said, "I'd like to buy that one."

He said, "He's…" The owner said, "He's not for sale."

He said, "Why, what is he?" Said, "Is he a boss over the rest of them?"

Said, "No, he's just a slave."

Well, said, "Maybe, you feed him a little better than you do the rest of them."

Said, "No, he eats out there in the galley with all the rest of them."

Well, said, "What makes him so much up and at it?"

Said, "I've always wondered myself, till I found out something." Said, "You know what I found out? That his father is the king of the tribe." And though he's an alien, yet he knows he's the son of the king. Amen.

56  Brother, though we be alienated in this world where sin and chaos is, yet stick out your chest and throw up your eyes. Yes, you're sons and daughters of a King. What kind of a person ought… He did that to keep up the moral of the rest of them.

And that's what we got to do who's borned again of the Holy Spirit, keep up a good courage. What kind of a people we should—we should be knowing that our heavenly Father is the King. Only one thing the slave never knew, he'd ever go back home again. But there's one blessed thing, we know we're going home someday. Amen.

Jesus said, "I will come again and receive you unto Myself. And where I am there you may be also; and don't let your hearts be troubled. Don't think about anything else, but keep your mind on these things." That would make a mockingbird sing at the middle of the night when he can know.

    56-0902 - The Handwriting On The Wall
    Rev. William Marrion Branham